10 Practical Tips for Decorating Your Baby's Nursery

10 Practical Tips for Decorating Your Baby's Nursery

Designing a baby's nursery is a rewarding experience for every parent. Get inspiration to help you decorate your baby's nursery with these practical tips:

1. Pick the Bedroom Next To You

As much as possible, pick a bedroom next to you or the closest to you. This will make it convenient to visit your baby anytime you want to especially at night. Remember to ensure that the bedroom is warm enough during the winter and a little cool in the summer.

Choose good lighting for your baby's nursery. It may be best to have a different set of lights for the room: Warm lights when your baby is awake and dimmer lights when he is asleep. Doing that would also train your baby to stay up when the light is on and it's sleep time when you turn on the dimmer lights.

2. Choose Gender- Neutral Colours

If you want a fresh take on your baby's nursery, go for yellow and aqua combination. Cool aqua shades equally balanced the sunny yellow without making it so bright. For more visual stimulation, go with a combination of red, blue or white. Bold red accents go very well when paired with white and blue.

3. Baby-Proof the Nursery

Always go with a crib that has fixed sides. Do not get cribs that have drop-sides. It will be dangerous when it malfunctions. Try to also avoid furniture with glass doors. Should you decide to have curtains, ensure that they do not have beaded decorations as that may pose as a choking hazard.

4. Pick Toys that Promote Learning

Learning through play is essential to your child's cognitive development. Educational toys may help them nurture their imagination and creativity. Try getting alphabet puzzles or 3D Animal Heads - Wall Hanging Decor. The puzzles would help your baby with problem-solving skills. The decors would serve three purposes: create a safari theme, photo backdrop and the opportunity to learn about different animals.

5. Incorporate the Great Outdoors in your Baby's Nursery

Let your baby experience what it's like outside by just being indoors. You may have a small section in the room where you can decorate plants and other outdoor-inspired decors. One of them would be a baby ball pit. Fill the ball pit with colourful soft balls that your baby can play with. Not only will it boosts agility but it definitely will entertain your child at the same time.

6. Have a Dedicated Play Spot in the Nursery

Make sure you equip this section with colourful toys and books. A decorative baby play mat is a good idea along with a giant giraffe plush toy australia stuffed animal. Having a dedicated spot would encourage your baby to play when she is at that spot.

7. Keep it Simple Yet Fun

Avoid over decorating your child's nursery. The goal is to make it functional, child-friendly and beautiful. Don't get a lot of stuff, the necessities would suffice. Try to make a list of everything your baby needs and buy only those. Don't go overboard with the decors either. Simplicity is always the key.

8. Decorate the Ceiling

Enhance your nursery's theme by decorating the ceiling. Make sure the colors or the designs match the theme. Painting the ceiling with a soothing color is also a good idea. The designs on your ceiling would give your little one something to ponder on or contemplate upon.

9. Have a Storage Area

Don't forget all the necessities for your baby. Make sure they are just within your reach when you need them. Wipes, baby lotion, diapers, milk, and other things your baby needs. Store them in a higher place that is not within your baby's reach.

10. Leave Room to Grow

Thinking long term would help you maximise space and save money in the long run. Leave some room for your baby's sleeping area. Make sure you have enough space when you decide to replace the crib with a toddler's bed. When you think ahead, you won't have to spend more money on expanding the room because you need more space.

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