5 Fun Halloween activities for kids

5 Fun Halloween activities for kids

The spooky season is almost here and we are sure you can’t stop thinking of all the ways you can make it more fun and interesting this year.

While you were at it, we were too! You don’t have to think about it anymore because we have just the list you were looking for.

What you will find below is a list of the most entertaining Halloween activities for your little ones.

1. Halloween Sticker Match Game

Kids love stickers! Right? During our store visits, we all witnessed the incident where they’d be all over the place. Kids won’t budge until they have the stickers they had their eyes on. Well, it’s Halloween and let’s just give them what they have always wanted.

What will you need?

1. Water Bottle
2. Foam Halloween Stickers
3. Pen
4. Paper and tape

How to Make this Halloween Activity

1. Trace the stickers onto a separate piece of paper.

2. Once you’ve traced the stickers, tape the paper on the outside of the bottle.

3. Put stickers inside the bottle to keep them contained and portable

4. Let kids match the stickers with the outline!

You could use this activity in the car, as a busy bag activity, or to keep your kids occupied while you make dinner. It’s totally up to you.

2. Halloween Colouring

What’s better than a colourful and cheerful Halloween?

The internet is filled with a huge variety of Halloween colouring activities. They come in different styles, including colour by number, Halloween maths facts colouring pages, imaginative "doodle" style pages and Halloween colouring cards and much more. Download our Happy Halloween colouring activity here.

While they are at it you can always tell them the story behind why we celebrate Halloween in the first place? Because there is so much more besides the fun and frolic they must know.

3. Halloween Lanterns

No, this is not the time to throw those old empty jars. In fact, if you can collect them from your neighbours, make sure you do that because we are about to make Halloween lanterns.

These spooky jars are very easy to make, and we know for sure they’ll look amazing as part of your Halloween decor.

What will you need?

1. Glass Jars
2. Glow sticks
3. Craft supplies
4. Scissors & glue
5. Pumpkin decals/ Craft foam/ Construction Paper/ 

How to make this Halloween Activity?

1. Decorate empty jars to look like jack-o-lanterns. You can use an array or varying supplies to do this.

2. Use scissors to carefully open 2-3 glow sticks per jar.

Note: We recommend you wear gloves while doing this as some glow sticks do contain glass.

3. Pour the contents of the glow stick into the decorated jars. 

4. Secure the lids tightly. Shake the jars, and you’re done!


Do you know someone who says ‘Oh learning and fun don’t go together’?  Well if you do, it’s the right time to grab your phone, call them and tell them about our NO-CARVE PUMPKIN STRING ART activity. 

This activity lets your child create art right on mini pumpkins as canvases to show off while they are practising their fine motor skills too! Isn’t that great?

What would you need?

1. Mini pumpkins
2. Embroidery string in various colours
3. Small nails
4. Scissors

 How to do it?

1. Add nails around the perimeter you want to cover with the string. Then attach a string to one end on each nail.

2. Then start threading one colour at a time, when you want to stop, cut off the string and tie off one of the nails. Start with another colour and repeat.

You can experiment with multiple colours of the string and explore as much as you want. 

5. DIY Halloween leaf ghosts


Here is a cool idea for this Halloween.

What would you need?

1. Artificial (maple shaped) leaves
2. White paint
3. Paintbrush
4. Black Marker
5. Glue
6. Ribbon

How to do it?

1. Paint artificial maple leaves with white acrylic paint. Make their eyes and mouths with black paint.

2. Glue black ribbon to the ghosts.

That’s it! These leaf ghosts are super fun and easy to make! Happy crafting!

There you are! A lovely set of activities that are Halloween themed and can keep your child engaged for hours!

Let us know how many of these you tried! And don’t forget to tag us @ourbabynursery in your Halloween activities pictures. We can’t wait to see them!

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