Activities for kids at home during COVID-19 pandemic

Activities for kids at home during COVID-19 pandemic

The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought us more family time, but it also means you have to keep your kids occupied, happy and healthy whilst stuck at home. There are a lot of tips online on how to do this - from indoor games to DIY crafts. The trickiest part is to find what works best for your kids and your surroundings.

As a freelancer work-from-home mum, I’ve been battling this myself for quite some time, so here are a few of my ideas that might help.

Build a tent

It's time to make your kids feel like the architects of their life. Encourage your kids to build a tent. Let them explore the fun of camping. This will make an interesting and fun environment for kids to play and role play. Also, builds a sense of healthy competition while giving the taste of playing and working in groups. Here is an easy to assemble kids play tent you could try.

Mix education with play

How about mixing learning with games? When puzzles and blocks help your kid's mental growth, try things that will help your kid's learning. A perfect example is this World Map Play Mat that comes with a world map printed on it. The world map along with the symbols of the specialties of the places will boost the curiosity of kids to know more about countries.

A very simple trick to keep your younger ones busy is to draw a few abstract elements on a blackboard and ask your kids to chalk each of the pieces in a different colour. Let them experience the power of colours coming together and the patterns and shapes getting a different look. Here is a simple cut, peel and stick erasable vinyl blackboard sticker that you can install within a few minutes. It comes with an adhesive back base and is easy to clean. Just wipe with a wet cloth to erase it clean. Hate cleaning chalk powder? Get these easy to use liquid chalk markers. It's available as a set of 12 colour pieces and is easy to hold by little hands.Chalk the board

Setup a waterplay

With summer approaching, why not set up a water fountain for kids. Toddlers always love to play with water. Let your children enjoy the fun. A water fountain need not have to be expensive. Check this inflatable water fountain. It is easy to pack and quick to install. All you need to do is attach the water intake valve to your garden hose and change the water pressure to lower or raise the height of the spray.

A ball pit in your kids' room

Just bring the fun into your kids' room with their very own ball pit. This ball pit not only brings agility in kids but also helps improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Let your kids entertain themselves with their ball pit. Looking to buy one, check out our luxe ball pit

These are just a few realistic tricks to keep your kids out of boredom. I will get back to you with more such tips in another blog post. In the meantime, if you would like to share any ideas and tips please feel free leave a comment.

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