Back to Work & Pumping Like a Boss!

Back to Work & Pumping Like a Boss!

You are experiencing a new life after several weeks of motherhood. Yes, things are not normal as you are still adjusting to the new role in your life and it's here that you realise that what people used to tell you is true, “ life will never be the same”. The new welcomed human now requires your time since he needs to be fed and taken care of. After sometime when you are about to adapt to the new life then out of nowhere it hits you that you are required back to work and it becomes a new challenge.

Streams of questions start running through your mind, how will you manage the two demanding jobs? What will life look like? You find yourself in the middle of a crossroad. You are even thinking of quitting since you don’t know how you will be pumping in the middle of your job. It even gets to a point where you are not sure if you’ll give your best at work due to the added responsibility. Trust us we’ve got your back.

Make a plan

The great thing of being a pumping mum especially when you are back to work is that we can learn from those who were in our shoes sometimes back. A testimony from a mother tells us that all she knew after getting back to work was that there was a nursing room. She would visit the room for breastfeeding purposes. There was a point she felt bad after when she was pumping then someone knocked on the door because she had reserved the room. To avoid such issues, here is what you need to do.

Things to discuss with the boss

Before you get to work, some things should be made clear to you. One or two weeks before you are back to full-time work.

First you should ask your boss if there is any private room one can pump in, or a nursing room.

If it is, then you need to be given the location of the room. You should make a request once you get back to work to be shown the room and make an inquiry if there are other nursing mothers.

If they have no pumping room, how will they accommodate the pumping needs?

You should also inquire if there is a fridge to store the golden liquid.

Lastly, notify your boss that you expect to be given a pumping schedule as you are not in the same state with other female workers.

After these questions are answered, you will feel much more confident and you are able to deal with the new role effectively. However if you want to be pumping like a boss, sign up with us and we will give you the perfect guide needed for pumping.

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