How to Encourage Literacy in Your Child

How to Encourage Literacy in Your Child


As a parent, you want your child to be successful. One way you can help them is by encouraging literacy in their life. Reading to your child is a great way to do that. Here are some tips for getting them into the habit of reading on their own.

Read to your child daily.


Reading to your child is a great way to promote literacy. It can also help you bond with your child. If you are reading to your child, it is important that you read with expression and enthusiasm. Try to make the story come alive for them. The more you read, the better your child will get at reading themselves.

Get them involved in the story.


One way to encourage literacy in your child is to get them involved in the story. This can be done by asking a child questions about the story, or asking them to act out an event in the story. You can also ask a child to draw a picture of the story. This will help them to remember the story and make it more memorable for them.

Encourage your child to read on their own.


When your child is reading on their own, they have a sense of ownership and accomplishment that will make them want to read more. You can encourage this by making sure they have plenty of books and magazines to read. You can also let them choose what they want to read. Don't worry if they don't always want to read books that are appropriate for their age. Reading is about the enjoyment of reading, not the content.

Keep books everywhere.


If you want your children to enjoy books, keep them around the house. Keep books in the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Put them in the bathroom. Put them in your car. Keep them on your nightstand. Keep them in your purse. Keep them in your glove compartment. Keep them on your bedside table. And keep a basket of books by the front door for guests to take with them when they leave.

Share what you’re reading with your child.


Reading is a skill that can be learned, but it needs to be encouraged. You can help your child learn to read by reading to them. You can also try reading to them in the car, at bedtime, or when they are sick. Your child will not only learn to enjoy reading, but they will also learn new words and how to pronounce them.

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