Mastering the Art of Working from Home With Kids Around

Mastering the Art of Working from Home With Kids Around

No matter how efficient you are, it's going to be challenging for you to work from home for the next few weeks. While it might be true that most of you have done a few occasional work-from-home days in the past, still these days are going to be different. That's because you and your family are gonna be stuck inside your home for at least two more weeks and that too with minimum exposure to the external world. You will have to balance your workload between your office tasks and daily chores. But the bigger problem is that with your colleagues also working from home, your work hours get extended beyond your regular office hours with untimely office phone calls, emails, and Skype meetings.

I am a freelancer for almost a decade and hence have been working from my home for a pretty long time. I know your situation is going to be different, but still, a few of my tricks may help you to ease your burden.

It's about your attitude

The very first thing you should change is your attitude and your daily routines. Do not always expect to follow a strict schedule like those good old days. Expect the unexpected always. Be flexible. Doing that will help you stay cool. You should know that there is a chance of your kids come running into your room when you are on a video call with your boss. Same way, your phone would ring when you are putting your kid to sleep. Be prepared and plan accordingly.

If you are finding it difficult to put your baby to sleep, check our baby nursing pillow. This nursing pillow can not only help you with comfortable breastfeeding but also provide relief to your arms and back.

Have a plan for your younger kids

Structure their day with proper indoor and outdoor activities. This will help you organize your day and will give you your own time to spend on office tasks. Get them off the television and let them play and learn with group games and activities. You can now bring the fun indoors with our luxe baby ball pit, ocean balls, and outdoor kids play tents. These kid-friendly toys will make your kid’s time enjoyable while also helping them grow both physically and mentally.

Have snacks available easily

Keep easy options for snacks so that your kids do not have to bother you when they need a break. Make and store your food pouches. Why buy processed baby foods when you can easily store fresh fruits and vegetable puree as baby food? Make your baby's favourite recipe and store it in food pouches for an easy-to-grab healthy snack. Check our Baby food squeeze station for easy mess-free packing of fluid foods. The squeezer is dishwasher safe, hence it is easy to clean and dry as well.

Create a to-do list

Unlike your regular workdays, your daily schedule on these work-from-home days is going to be filled with distractions. Write down the things you would want to get completed and follow that religiously. This to-do list will help you to go back and pick up from where you left after every interruption.

What are your thoughts on managing your workdays? Do you think you can add more to these tips? Please feel free to share your feedback and comments on the comment section below.

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