Montessori: What Is It & How To Get Started

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In this article we'll be looking at what Montessori is and how to get started. We will explore the different aspects of Montessori education. 

What is Montessori education?


Montessori education is a type of education that focuses on developing the whole child. Children are given the freedom to explore and learn through their own natural curiosity. Montessori teachers focus on the development of the children's independence and self-discipline. Montessori teachers often use hands-on activities to teach math, science, language arts, and social studies. Students learn through practical life activities as well as abstract academic lessons.

Why should I consider Montessori?


Montessori is a system of education that was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1907. It’s based on the idea that children learn best through self-directed exploration. This means they learn through their own play and exploration, rather than being told what to do. Parents have the opportunity to provide an environment where children can explore and learn at their own pace.

How do I get started?


Montessori at home is a great way to provide a child with a strong foundation in life skills and knowledge. You can start by reading about the Montessori philosophy. If you feel like it's the right fit for your family, then you can purchase a kit or materials to get started.

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